While Holding Esther is aimed primarily at caregivers, Jabota Bridge will be intended for the orphans themselves.

The new drama, already in the preproduction phase exness, will feature the character Naomi and the children living in the safe house across Jabota Bridge as they work together through life’s adventures and struggles.

We envision producing more than 150 episodes of Jabota Bridge for vulnerable children to listen to on radio, the internet or solar-powered MP3 players. The young listeners will be able to identify with the characters in the drama, many of whom share the same traumatic backgrounds experienced by the listeners.

Although kids can listen to the dramas on their own, the program will have the most impact when caring adults join the youths to discuss the content and how to apply it. A discussion page will be available for each episode to help guide the interaction.

Jabota Bridge Production Team

  • Kathy Buchanan and Marshal Younger, writers and directors exness office in india
  • Marshal Younger, producer
  • Todd Busteed, sound engineer
  • Scott Hollinger, audio consultant
  • Phyllis Kilbourne and Amy Wilson, content review

Your Role in Jabota Bridge

If the purpose of this audio drama and the vulnerable children it seeks to help touch your heart and the Lord leads you to lend a hand, may we ask you to join us in the following ways?

  • Pray – Ask God to work through the production team, using their skills to craft a compelling, effective drama; and to prepare the hearts of the children and their caregivers to receive and apply the new program’s message.
  • Give – Help make Jabota Bridge available to the people who most need it with a gift supporting the production process already underway how to register and open a exness forex account.