Esther: We need to be strong. Mama and Papa would want us to.
Sarah: Yes, I know.
Esther: We’ve no other place to go. We need to eat. We need a place to sleep.
Sarah: I know. I’ll be strong, Esther. I promise.
Esther: Shhh. He’s coming!

A powerful story about two orphaned sisters, Holding Esther dramatizes the common experiences of vulnerable and traumatized children while offering hope and practical advice to caregivers. This world-class production, which includes the scene excerpted above, was RiverCross’s first audio-drama series and was designed to equip caregivers to bring healing to vulnerable children in their care. Caregivers listen to an episode, discuss it and then apply the principles learned.

The Production

RiverCross pulled together a team of experts in child development, human trafficking, trauma care and related fields to guide the development of the drama and assure the validity and effectiveness of its message. Next, a talented professional cast and crew scripted and recorded seven compelling episodes.

Among the artists were Cathy Sara, whose lengthy list of acting credits includes the celebrated PBS series Downton Abbey, and several from the production team for Focus in the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey, which has more than a million radio listeners daily.

The Experts

  • Christa Foster Crawford, J.D., core content developer
  • Dr. Charles Madinger, orality consultant
  • Dr. Lyn Westman, traumatized children consultant
  • Janette Pepall, orphan/vulnerable children consultant
  • Becky Jorgenson, child development consultant
  • Deanna Towns, child development consultant
  • Rose Muraguri, African culture consultant
  • Scott Wiley, Scripture consultant
  • Dr. Laila Risgallah, consultant about sexual exploitation
  • Dr. Derek Eggers, audio script consultant
    Andrew Williams, consultant about street children


 The Testing


If you are interested in receiving training for child protection strategies and trauma competent care using Holding Esther, please submit the training interest form.

If you would like to listen to Holding Esther, please make a request through our contact page.