About RiverCross

We believe that the world’s most cheap binary options trading vulnerable children need a bridge to hope. For many children, trauma has broken their hearts. With broken hearts they shut down. RiverCross builds bridges of hope to help children cross from where their trauma defines them into the arms of Christ.

Jabota Bridge

The world’s vulnerable children often walk in the pain of their trauma. Unless they learn to process their pain, those wounds can become their identity binary options training. Through Jabota Bridge, an audio drama, children immerse themselves in the stories of relatable characters and learn how to turn to Jesus for healing.

Holding Esther

Vulnerable children have many adults in their lives. These adults may be caregivers, extended family, local church members, or even just the woman who buys trinkets from them. But most of these adults do not know how to help children cope with their trauma. Holding Esther equips these adults with biblical trauma healing.

Stories of Change

RiverCross is having an impact on lives in Zambia, and preparing for more change and hope to come. Learn about our team, trajectory and transformations happening where can i trade binary options in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children.